Better Agriculture Mod Wiki

Welcome to the Better Agriculture Mod Wiki[]

<font-size="14">Better Agriculture is a minecraft mod that currently adds 40 new breeds of farm animals (with more to come) plus lots of deco blocks and items that will enhance your farming experience, to help you build your dream farm.

<font-size=14>The Wiki is currently under construction, please bear with us, thank you.

Foods     Blocks Cows Sheep Pigs Chickes Items
Goat Curry Siding Pig Leather
Roast duck Concrete Block Sheep Skin
Sheep Milk Large Tile Block Duck Feather
Goat Milk Small Tile Block Empty Milk Bottle
Cows Milk Fancy Tile Block Slate
Duck Eggs Tiny Tile Block Walling Hammer
Diced Goat Slate Ore
Duck Breast Walls